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Revenue Cycle Management
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Simple balanced workflow

Medical billing services should be made simple. When it comes to the revenue cycle management of your practice, you want to understand every detail of the process.

Reliable. Ethical. Transparent.

Medical billing services that help you gain a sense of trust, confidence, and clarity will impact your practice the most.

Steady, verifiable growth

Understanding how Obsurvus develops secure solutions for everything from claims management to performance reporting will kickstart new growth in your healthcare operation.

Breakthrough Medical Billing Services

Thrive In Any Economy

Not all medical billing service providers are equal.

Billing Cycle Efficiency

The speed at which you process, collect, and record will depend on who’s doing it. Finding the right fit for your healthcare practice will be the difference between steady growth and stagnantion. Upgrade your process to truly thrive when it counts.

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Specialized Medical Billing Software

By leveraging the expertise of specialized software designed for your specific practice, you take one step into the future.

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Smarter, not harder

Innovation in the healthcare world is coming and you really need "next generation" systems in place to keep up with the demand for your time. Let’s help you work smarter, not harder.

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Expert Billers Saving You Time

Our medical billing services pros give you a leg up. We help keep your finger on the beating pulse of the technology behind the healthcare industry. Let our medical billing services guide you along a new growth curve.

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Medical Consultants By Your Side

You need a team of medical billing experts that understand the total flow of your operations. Having a holistic outlook on your practice allows us to provide medical consultanting in times of need. Not sure how changes may impact your revenue cycle? Let us know.


1st-Pass Claim Acceptance


Net Collections Ratio

Practice Management Done The Right Way

Total attention

No more missed revenue opportunities. Your independent practice deserves total attention 100% of the time.

Deep Understanding

Proper medical billing services come from a deep understanding of your exact specialty.

Complex challenges managed

This isn't what you would call a simple service. Instead, it requires the dedicated observations and services of medical billing experts.

How Does The Process Flow?

A simple 5-step process keeps money moving and your practice healthy

Start Off With The Right Plan

Launch a new flow in your practice by getting onboard with Obsurvus Solutions. It's time to turn a new leaf in your revenue cycle management process.

Involve and Empower Your Staff

We’ll help get your staff up to speed with the system so they understand what to do, when to do it and how to keep the flow running. 

Simplify Coding and Documenting

Medical billing experts and systems that take control of the process will help bring clarity to the complex world of medical coding. 

Get Help

When you stumble on a roadblock, get hung up or just need assistance, our medical billing services support team stands ready.

Analyze Reports, Make Adjustments

Review custom reports to analyze your performance.  Chart your growth, expansion, and make adjustments to delver a better patient process.

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Staying Flexible Is The Key

To keep your independent medical practice growing and prospering, it is crucial to adapt to the evolving technological landscape. Technology advancements are happening rapidly, and it is essential for your practice to stay agile. Partnering with us can help you maintain your competitiveness.

Consider the changes your practice has undergone in the past five years – the healthcare industry is constantly evolving. Embrace next-level medical billing services that are reshaping the practices of healthcare professionals and take your practice to new heights.

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